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Cosmetics Testing

Cosmetics Testing
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Cosmetics safety is always be taken noticed because of contacting with people directly. Each country set strict laws and directives to guarantee the safety of cosmetics to ensure people's health under regular using condition.

PRT Testing service for cosmetics

Heavy metal Testing

FDA focus on lead and mercury testing, while, EU REACH(1907/2006) regulate lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, antimony and Nickel testing. There is much more probability to find mercury in the whitening cosmetics. The limit of mercury in EU regulation is 1mg/kg, and for that used on eye is 70mg/kg. While FDA regulates 1mg/kg for common products, and 65 mg/kg for that used on eye.

Microorganism Testing

Microorganism Testing is implemented according to the stipulations of EU Pharmacopeia(EP 2.6.12&2.6.13) and British Pharmacopeia(BP Appx. XVI B)/US Pharmacopeia(USP61&62)/Cosmetics Europe and the TFA. The assessment of microorganism including: total number of bacteria, mold and yeast, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Candida albicans, Clostridium, Enterobacteriaceae and gram-negative bacteria and gram-negative bacteria in bile tolerance.

Preservatives Testing

The assessment of stability and antiseptic for microorganism is through the observation of quantity change of microorganism in different period for various kinds of targeted bacteria inoculation prepared, thus to confirm preservatives meet the requirement or not. The testing is mainly carried on by EP(5.1.3) /BP(Appx. XVI C) /USP(51) /COLIPA or CTFA. The targeted bacteria vaccinated are Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Aspergillus and Candida albicans.

Sensory testing

The cosmetics on China market must be accorded with the related product standard. PRT can do all the tests under the product standard which covered more than 40 products including skin care, hair care, bath and washing.

PRT testing service

FDA: Microorganism pollution test. USP<61>&<62>

FDA: Microorganism challenge test. USP<51>

EU: Microorganism pollution test. EP 2.6.12&2.6.13/ BP16B

EU: Antiseptic effect test. EP 5.1.3 / BP 16C

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